What is love?

David and Giselle

David and Giselle are one of those couples that balance each other out perfectly. Giselle is whimsical and gets excited about most things, David is quieter and approaches life with a more considered mindset. Together they giggle and joke whilst being totally content in each other's company.

I remember Giselle saying to me when we were planning the photos, 'David and I are SO in love right now!' and when I look through them it reminds me of the song 'To Be In Love' by Masters At Work feating India

"To be in love with you is everything
Every day is a new way
Every night is still with fun and play
Every time you're near, my heart just skips a beat
I'm falling more in love with you

To be in love with you is everything
To be in love is everything
Loving you is a desire
Loving you has set my soul on fire
Every time you're near, you sweep me off my feet
I'm falling more in love with you"

And Something Blue

Bristol Blue, that is.

That was the colour of the wedding dress Zoe wore. Bristol Blue because she is originally from Bristol in the UK.

Kyle and Zoe's paths crossed in the Northern Territory, Australia when the Kombi van Zoe was travelling in broke down. It was Kyle who arrived on the scene to help out. Some months later, he travelled across the globe to ask for her hand in marriage.

The other thing blue about this wedding was not just the dress, the effort others made to match it or the Bristol Blue highlights scattered around, but the very nature of the wedding you could say was 'true blue'. Very 'Aussie'. Held on the back deck of Kyle's grandmother's home in the peak of summer. This wedding was casual, relaxed and personal.

But overwhelmingly this wedding was emotional. Just about everyone was in tears from the touching nature of the service and the outpouring of love from those involved. It made me really think about the nature of marriage in this day and age. For many marriage is no longer a necessity. After all, women are able to take care of themselves now, we can own property and earn a good income. No longer are we dependent on men for financial security. And neither is it socially taboo in Australia for couples to live together and raise a family before they choose, if they even do, to get married, as it once was. And while I personally believe in and greatly value the concept of marriage, I really do, it is because of the decreasing social expectation to tie the knot that choosing to do so makes it all the more meaningful. Wouldn't you say?

This wedding was undoubtedly meaningful. For it seems to me, now that Kyle and Zoe have crossed the oceans to be together, they plan to never be apart again.