Four Seasons In One Day

I'm proud to say that whilst building a career in this thing called 'photography', I also work for a community organisation in the inner Northern suburbs of Brisbane called Communify.

There are so many things that Communify do amongst the community I won't go in to details here, but I will say we have a goal to work with local peope to promote a diverse, socially just and inclusive community. We aim to enable community participation to those hindered by barriers such as language, age or physical or mental health. For me working at Communify is rewarding on so many levels I'm not sure If I will really ever be able to bring myself to completely leave, even once the photography does enable me to. I always hope to remain linked to this organisation in some capacity. In many ways it has helped me to learn so much more about myself and the person I hope to be by putting me in contact with community members from all walks of life, of which there are so many.

You can find more about Communify here and we would love it if you could join us on Facebook.

Earlier this year we took a day out together on a tall ship name the South Passage as  a team building exercise and I took my camera with me to document the experience. So much happened on this one day we were all blown away by this amazing experience we had in Moreton Bay.

Like the uncannily timed moment where Jayden had positioned herself on the bow to bring a sail down just before the weather went from sunny to wind and rain. She could do nothing but continue on with her task whilst feeling her feet shake as the sudden wind tilted the boat and her clothes became soaked through. Making it back on deck she threw her head in her lap with relief.  And though I was watching her the whole time, I hadn't realised how much it had freaked her until that moment. Or when Libby, who'd never sailed before, climbed out on the same bow and assumed the 'king of the world' pose. Libby discovered a part of herself that day, so inspired was she by the experience.

It seemed everywhere I turned was a photograph, a moment to document, I couldn't put my camera down at all. So much fun. So much beauty. So much goodness. I highly recommend the experience.