Medium Format, oh how i love thee

I've already talked once before about how childishly excited I get when the email arrives in my inbox first thing in the morning to say my film shots are ready for downloading. It's like waking up on Christmas. I always start off with the medium format film just like a child opens the biggest presents first. I know amongst them will be some of my favourite little nuggets of gold.

Sometimes I'll get some images that just WOW me. Not necessarily because they're a particularly awesome shot, more because of the way the medium format lens has rendered the subject. The colour, the texture, the skin tones, the way the background falls away and the softness. Oh the softness.

There's something unique to my Mamiya 645 lenses that 35mm just can't quite get to. It's a bigger camera. It can be clunky to carry around and it it is certainly more costly to shoot with. But oh when I get those gems it's all worth it.

Oh medium format, how I do love thee.

Louise, Mike and Bump

I have known Louise since I was a teenager. We've mostly been connected by a couple of degrees of separation, boyfriends, flatmates, friends etc, but we've continually weaved throughout each others lives over these many years developing a friendship of our own. I guess that's the nature of being from a small town.

Louise is gentle, sweet, intelligent and laugh-out-loud funny. I'm confident that anyone who has her in their lives feels pretty blessed. In Mike she has found an equally kind and gentle man who has stood beside her during some difficult times. I'm beyond excited to be photographing their wedding next month at this same location. And to use a frequently overused word I'll say it's going to be AWESOME!

In the meantime here are some photos of a fellow bush kid and her soulmate just before she gave birth last year.

And here is their Bump.