Ilford Delta 400

Medium Format, oh how i love thee

I've already talked once before about how childishly excited I get when the email arrives in my inbox first thing in the morning to say my film shots are ready for downloading. It's like waking up on Christmas. I always start off with the medium format film just like a child opens the biggest presents first. I know amongst them will be some of my favourite little nuggets of gold.

Sometimes I'll get some images that just WOW me. Not necessarily because they're a particularly awesome shot, more because of the way the medium format lens has rendered the subject. The colour, the texture, the skin tones, the way the background falls away and the softness. Oh the softness.

There's something unique to my Mamiya 645 lenses that 35mm just can't quite get to. It's a bigger camera. It can be clunky to carry around and it it is certainly more costly to shoot with. But oh when I get those gems it's all worth it.

Oh medium format, how I do love thee.

I took my holidays in {mostly} black and white

Over summer I visited a handful of locations on the east coast of Australia. Locations that are important to me because that's where my family live. In doing so I travelled from Brisbane to East Gippsland, Victoria, what felt like the bottom of the earth in my opinion, and then back up to Northern New South Wales.

I was astounded by the contrast in climate. Whilst in Brisbanites suffered a heatwave of 40 degrees, in country Victoria we experienced a cool 20. Yet only two weeks after returning, Victoria had their heatwave whilst Brisbane maintained a comparitively comfortable 30 degrees.

In reality, I only travelled half-way down the entire coast of eastern Australia, yet I could've been in different countries. The older I get the more amazed I am by this wide brown land of ours.

Melbourne, Vic

East Gippsland, Vic

Northern NSW

Belinda #2

So, moving on from our last shoot below, a few months later Belinda made the decision to go short. Given that her flaming red hair was so much a part of her identity, it was a big move and she waited sometime before she decided to let images of her new do appear in public.

For this shoot we wanted to reference the Twiggy look with cropped hair and big eyes. This time we decided to take more of a fashion angle and just have a bit of fun. So one Saturday afternoon in beautiful April we got together at the Brisbane State Library and Kurilpa Bridge, two of my favourite locations to photograph as I love working within the architecture. We also had the help of the wonderful Bea Blackmore who looked after the makeup and styling.

We had a lot of fun and I have to say, I love Belinda's hair.

These images were taken on Tri X 120mm using  a Mamiya 645, along with Ilford Delta 400 and Portra 800 on the Nikon F6. Processing and scanning was done by Richard Photo Lab who make film look divine. 

The Boy

No matter how cute they are and how much they think you are the master of all that is knowledge when they are little, come those teenage years, it all turns upside down.

'No, I don't want to stand like that', ' Are we done yet? I'm going to be late', 'I don't like that pose, it's too magazine-y'. They say you should never work with children or animals, the reason being, it's impossible to tell them what to do. I'd like to add teenagers to that list because it takes bribery and corruption to get them to do anything

But I do love him and his cheeky ways. I really do. Even if it means the photos I get are a little bit cheeky too.