Skye, Keelan, Pepper and Ned

Skye and Keelan wanted an Engagement Shoot which provided a photographic memory of their actual engagement. So we started off on a nice bridge, added a bike along with their beloved dogs, Pepper and Ned. (Somehow Keelan managed to convince Skye to partake on a particularly long ride before he popped the question, I'm told she has hardly ridden her bike since).  

The plan was to then head off to a favourite location of mine where the dogs could run free and I could capture lovely sun filled photos amongst expansive paddocks.

Instead, it decided to rain.

Not just a little afternoon sprinkle either but one of those lovely little storms more typical to spring than autumn. It took us by surprise, and with only one umbrella to share, Keelan did the gentlemanly thing and waited out the rain uncovered. To their credit Skye and Keelan toughed it out and we continued on to our destination for the final part of the shoot. Perhaps Skye intuitively knew it would rain and wore red which worked perfectly against the backdrop of brooding clouds. So ultimately it all worked out well.

I'm told there was some seriously tired doggies and a Keelan in the car on the way home though. Keelan, being a mad bike rider, had already been for an early morning ride. My hat goes off to him!