Allison and Dan

Allison and Daniel | Wedding

If I had to come up with one word to describe this wedding it would be 'Intimate'. Not because the number of guests was particularly small, nor because it wasn't necessarily an indulgent affair, but simply because of the way every participant of the day interacted with one another. Even those they'd only recently come to know.

The way Alison and her sisters spent time together before the ceremony; the way Daniel helped his soon to be grandmother make her way along the beach, the way each guest, including me, was made to feel special and somehow imperative to the moment; the way every one cheered Alison's grandmother off when it came time for her to leave; and mostly, the way Alison and Daniel are with each other. I'm sure, without a doubt, that the most important part of their day was to simply get married. Everything else was just a bonus.

Big thanks to Willis who assisted and had a great time shooting the bridal party as they danced on the beach to keep warm.