Beautiful women - Sarah

The first thing you'll notice about Sarah is the way she dresses. She pulls no punches, she is no shrinking violet. I've always delighted in wondering what combination of clothing Sarah would turn up in on any given day of the week. So when contemplating the nature of how this shoot would look we decided to capture a different outfit for each day.

Sarah's personality is as colourful and confident as her style of dress. Not in a brash and overly loud way, she is more of a bubbly, 'brighten up your day when she walks in the room' kind of girl. A quiet achiever who sticks to her own path.

Sarah's background is in psychology and she works in human services. One story she shared with me when I first got to know her, was of a painting one of her clients had done of a parachute, she being the parachute. It made her happier than anything else in her work to know that her time with this person had impacted their life in such a way as to feel lifted up, carried to an extent, and therefore changed for the better.

Sarah is a beautiful woman.