Rachel and Drew - Wedding and Anniversary Party

When Rachael first approached me about photographing her wedding, the plan was to tie the knot around Montville on the Sunshine Coast in September. Following a weekend excursion to assess the options however, she and Drew decided that Montville was not the place for them after all.

Her next email broached the subject of Byron Bay. But Byron was not quite right so that got crossed off the list too.

Perhaps Coffs Harbour in May, 'Could I do that?' she asked. 

But after a trip there, they decided that was not what they going for either.

Rachael and Drew let the decision of how to celebrate their wedding would come in it's own sweet time. They wanted something that celebrated them, that was not an overblown affair or particularly traditional. Eventually I received an email with a date set in stone. Their wedding would be in October, in Brisbane. And actually, it would not be a wedding, it would be a 10 year anniversary party in which they would incorporate a small amount of ceremony to signify their ongoing commitment to one another.

And so, on a beautiful sunny October day they invited their nearest and dearest to help them throw a little party at the Roma Street Parklands with beer, cheese and chocolate cake. A sort of wedding-non-wedding cake which was cut quickly and served efficiently without ceremony. Because too much ceremony was just not how this wedding was going to be done. What happened instead was the joining of two longtime friends who make each other laugh, in the company of friends and family, and they laughed along with them.