Published in Bride Magazine

I'm proud to say one of my favourite and most exciting weddings has been published in the lovely Bride Magazine's Winter edition! Aimee and Nick had an October wedding at the Albert River Winery, Mt Tamborine. It had rained heavily the day before leaving the ground wet. It was a hot spring day and air was heavy with humidity. Throughout the ceremony and group photos you could feel the electricity in the air that comes with a spring storm. It would occasionally start sprinkling and gusts of wind sporadically came and went as if to say, 'don't get too comfortable!' 

As we moved down the property the storm rapidly came up behind us. It felt like we had about ten minutes for photos before that storm opened up above us but we pushed our luck all the way to the very end and were rewarded for our efforts.

You can see all of  Aimee and Nick's amazing wedding here.

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