The town where I was born

I've known Byron Bay my whole life, yet every time I return to it something has changed. There's a weird kind of relationship I have with this place. The place that people, including me, travel far and wide to see. I know it, but at the same time it is a stranger to me. This is a place that will never belong to the locals. It belongs to the whole world. We all may love it yet none of us can have it. Even those that can afford to have their own little slice must share.

Regardless of how the town changes, the place remains constant. I can look to the ocean, to Julian Rocks and Mt Chincogan in the distance which shadows the towns where I grew up, and I am a child again. I am a teenager admiring the beauty that first inspired me to pick up a camera. Even in the rain its beauty remains unchanged. The famous town which encroaches behind me must stand at bay.