I took my holidays in {mostly} black and white

Over summer I visited a handful of locations on the east coast of Australia. Locations that are important to me because that's where my family live. In doing so I travelled from Brisbane to East Gippsland, Victoria, what felt like the bottom of the earth in my opinion, and then back up to Northern New South Wales.

I was astounded by the contrast in climate. Whilst in Brisbanites suffered a heatwave of 40 degrees, in country Victoria we experienced a cool 20. Yet only two weeks after returning, Victoria had their heatwave whilst Brisbane maintained a comparitively comfortable 30 degrees.

In reality, I only travelled half-way down the entire coast of eastern Australia, yet I could've been in different countries. The older I get the more amazed I am by this wide brown land of ours.

Melbourne, Vic

East Gippsland, Vic

Northern NSW