Belinda #1

I passed Belinda in the street one day and decided I had to photograph her. She has a unique look and style that is fitting with her beautiful and thoughtful personality. Her Scottish heritage has given her flaming red locks of hair which are totally natural. Inevitably it became a key component of our shoot together.

Belinda is a budding film director who has just completed a Masters in Film at Griffith University. It was interesting chatting to her about the local industry and where she would like to see herself going within her field. The difficulties and frustrations inherent in a world that is so competitive with such a small market. Despite her fondness for Brisbane, Belinda has since relocated to Melbourne and is next off to Singapore in the hope of greater opportunity.

Amongst our chatting arose the topic of directing women and the difficulties in getting a woman to be herself or play a character that isn't sexy in front of the camera. We both lamented how our culture has set up a dominant image in which women see themselves through, and how from young girls it has become increasingly natural to look and pose in a certain way, that even having a self awareness of its subtle sexuality can be difficult for the subject. I confess even though my goal is to avoid it, it is so easy to fall into photographing the ubiquitous sexy poses that dominate today's media and advertising.

Soon I will be blogging a series I've started, called 'Beautiful Women', which aims to counteract this stereotypical view of women. A view that is often self-perpetuating. The series will focus on providing photographs of women which are more about personality than looks. I'm slowly working through the concept and I'll just say it's not always easy for subject and photographer to avoid the 'sexy stare'. There is more on this concept to come but in the meantime this is a little introduction with beautiful Belinda. I look forward to sharing another shoot we did together next week which will be quite different again.

Indoor colour photos with flash were shot on Fuji 400H 35mm, indoor and outdoor colour photos without flash shot on Portra 800 120mm, indoor BW photos shot on Tmax 400 120mm and outdoor BW photos shot on Ilford Delta 3200 120mm rated at 1600. Cameras used were Nikon F5 and Bronica ETRSII Medium Format.