Little Jerry Seinfeld

Today we said goodbye to our precious little beagle, Jerry. 

Jerry was ten years old and was in our lives for the last four of those years. As far as I'm concerned, he was the world's cutest dog. What a gift he was to us. Such a happy, smiling little fat thing. Always wanting cuddles and pats, desperate to be near us or happily curled up on the nearest piece of soft furniture. He was irresistibly cute and soft and I found that where ever I went some of Jerry's fur would always be lingering on me somewhere, on my clothing, in my handbag or on my glasses. That was the compromise we made to have his cuddly and gentle presence close to us all the time.

Jerry had it in for scrub turkeys and desperately tried to bark them down from trees if we came across one at the park. He would turn into 'hunting Jerry' where my call became meaningless to him as his nose followed close to the ground and he moved quickly, his little body wriggling as he followed their scent. I'd often lose him in these moments, he'd disappear under the scrub and re-emerge a number of minutes later. Having reverted back to regular Jerry, he'd then look at me with his tail wagging and that big happy grin, as if to say 'Yes, what's up? Are we walking or are you just going to stand there?'

He was my loyal little companion and sometimes I would take him with me when I was out photographing at a park. While I snapped away he'd go off and sniff something or happily eat grass. When Jerry ran his ears would flap like Dumbo the elephant's(he had the softest ears, we often rubbed them against our cheeks like a furry little duckling). He'd run headlong towards me and then at the last minute veer off to one side to go and sniff something out. It was very cute and funny watching this fat little dog on short legs running madly along with his ears in the air like that. Jerry had cute down to a fine art, Caelun and I often joked that he'd been to super cute school to learn all his ultra cute mannerisms.

We will miss him. Here's to you and the love you gave, Little Jerry Seinfeld.