My Mission Statement

Last week I didn't sleep well almost every day. Either I went to bed too late or woke up early and couldn't get back to sleep. By Thursday sleep deprivation had gotten to my mood and the scriptures in Ecclesiastes(as in the Bible) came to mind. The writer compares the profits of work, money, wisdom  and day to day life as he goes on a journey to analyse what is truly vluable and worthwhile. Variations of the following verse are often repeated -

"Then I looked on all that my hands had done and the labour I had spent in doing it, and behold, all was vanity and striving after the wind and feeding on it, and there was no profit under the sun"

It sounds a bit depressing on its own like that, doesn't it? Really he is talking about materialism and how we can get caught up in the goal of working for gain, overlooking the meaning of life to ultimately profit nothing. It's a reflection I often come face to face with in the rat race of life. I frequently have to stop and ask myself, "what is it I really, really want from this life?" It helps to pull things back into focus.

On Sunday my Pastor read out a few  mission statements from various global brands and it got me to thinking, again,

"what do I really want from this business? What is my mission statement?",

and when I drill it down to the nuts and bolts of why I'm here, why I am pursuing this, it is to ultimately take great photos. I have my preferred subject choices of course and as I continue my style will develop and be influenced by the way I see the world, but in amongst all that I want to take great photos. That, is my goal, my mission statement.