Tom and Irene

Tom and Irene kindly posed for me a few months back in preparation for Erin and Dan's Wedding so I could run through a few ideas I had been formulating. But I hadn't considered the effect the 'Tom and Irene' factor would have on my photos. Sometimes people need poses to help them bring out a bit of chemistry for the camera. And then there are those who really don't need much at all. Those who, if trying to create a more serious look, it is pretty much a lost cause from the get go.

These two have chemistry in spades. Tom makes Irene laugh and seems to love doing it. They just gel together. So naturally trying to get them to do anything serious, and make it work, was never going to happen. In fact the more serious I tried to be, the more opportunity I gave them to have a bit of a giggle.

Looking back at these images a few months later though, I realised that what I came away with was much better than a series of poses. They remind me of who I am as a photographer and to stick to my roots. The photos that made smile the most from this shoot are the authentic ones, the ones where Tom and Irene are being themselves, even if it is making fun of serious poses.

In the end I learnt much more than what ideas do or don't work. I was reminded that I want my images to appear natural. To be authentic, real moments in time. That part of what defines a photographer's style is not capturing the decisive moment, but which moment you choose to click the button at. And I was reminded to let people be themselves in front of the camera, whatever that happens to be.

So thanks Tom and Irene for helping me along this journey to where I want to be. Had you been able to strike a serious pose, it just would not have worked out so well.

Portrait Photography-1-2.jpg
Portrait Photography-11-2.jpg
Portrait Photography-33.jpg
Portrait Photography-31.jpg
Portrait Photography-8.jpg

Tom really doesn't do 'serious'  while a camera is being pointed at him.

Portrait Photography-34.jpg

No, not at all.

Portrait Photography-35.jpg
Portrait Photography-7-2.jpg
Portrait Photography-4-2.jpg
Portrait Photography-36.jpg

This one was supposed to be a version the 'girl looking back at the camera' photo. As you can see, a lost cause.

Portrait Photography-37.jpg

The ones below are some of my favourites.

Portrait Photography-2-2.jpg
Portrait Photography-3-2.jpg
Portrait Photography-39.jpg
Portrait Photography-38.jpg
Portrait Photography-5-2.jpg
Portrait Photography-40.jpg
Portrait Photography-9-2.jpg
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Portrait Photography-41.jpg
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