Weekend At Kirsty's

Every now and then some old and dear friends of mine get together for a catch-up. We travel to Kirsty's place for a sleepover. For Jess and I, that means driving down from Brisbane and meeting Lara, who comes from Lennox Heads, in the middle. I've known all these girls in one way or another since primary school and in Lara's case, we almost go back to the womb. In fairness though, we didn't truely become close until high school and our friendship has continued to develop in the years since.

Each of us has woven in and out of each other's life over the course of the last twenty years or more. Through university, careers, marriage and births, we've all remained friends during these momentus times in our lives.

I've often thought of good friendships to be like precious stones. Just like precious stones, friendships are cultivated over time and changing weather to evolve into something truely great. In the sea of life and the masses of people whose paths we cross, friends and loved ones are like gems which sparkle amongst the stones. But good friends are so valuable, they are like diamonds.

I've heard most can count their good friends on one hand. I feel fortunate to say that I need two. And that makes me feel rich indeed.

After all, 'diamonds are a girls best friend'.