Kirsty and Rich

I photographed this wedding almost 2 years ago now for an old friend I’ve known since school. She and her fiancé were married in Byron Bay, which is essentially where we grew up. Being that it has taken so long to get to this point, I’d contemplated not showing it at all. I did a lot of things photographically that I now know not to do. It was a big learning experience. Despite my relative inexperience there were still plenty of great moments captured because it was such a fun day. And although my style has developed a lot since then, as you’ll see in the next wedding I post, it seems silly not to share them.

 Kirsty and Rich were married in February. February in Byron Bay is hot. Hot and humid. Typically if it isn’t hot, that’s usually because it’s raining, as it was on this particular day. In fact, it bucketed down. Though, thankfully not until much later. Not until everyone had danced in the rain and swam in the pool. Sure, this was a conventional wedding in many ways, there were vows, there were rings, there was a white dress. But this wedding was not about conventions.This wedding was about good ole, homespun love. About family and friends. About fun.

And much fun was had. Regardless of the weather.

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