This is my dog Jerry.

He wasn't actually mine to begin with, in fact I am his 3rd owner.

His first owners named him 'Little Jerry Seinfeld", or "Little Jerry" for short. They had him when he was a puppy. Apparently he was a very naughty puppy.

His second owners called him "Jerry". He was still very naughty when they had him but under some intensive training and good discipline he became much less so.

He is now 8 years old and as such, is not so naughty anymore. I even let him off his lead when we go for walks. (I am very naughty.) But he always stays close by and stops when I tell him to-mostly.

Jerry likes to find new smells. He likes cuddles and pats. He loves food and he also snores. He is particularly cute when he is asleep, which is most of the time.

In fact, he is 'ro rute', which is dog speak for 'So cute'. Cute is what Jerry does best.

In our house he is called, "The Jester", "Jezza", "Little Wezza" and various other incarnations.

But most importantly, he is  "The Slightly Fat Beagle" or the SFB.