Hi! No doubt you've made it to this page

because you've come across one of my

postcards or received an email.

To find out a bit more of what to expect from

one of my family photo shoots, have a read

through the information below and don't 

hesitate to email or call me if you have any

more questions.



My goal in photography is to create images which are

authentic and natural. True representations of a

personality captured in a fleeting moment. I believe the

best way to document children is at play. Nothing will

compare to the face of a child beaming from

genuine fun. So when it comes to photographing families

I don't believe in having a boxed in approach that  

requires kids to sit still. I want to see family members

interacting together, letting the moments unfold in their

own time and their own way. I'll be there to catch it.

We can work together to choose a location that works

best for your family, whether that is at the local park, 

at the beach or around the family home. I'll document you 

hanging out as a family, just as you normally would.

And don't worry, we can still get a nice group photo

for Grandma too.



There is something about film that digital just can't

replicate. Film has away of capturing light that

gives it a warmth and texture all of its own. It

also has colour rendition that I haven't

found in even the most advanced digital sensors. 

As such, there is a growing resurgence in the use

of film by photographers the world over due to its

inherent qualities which digital still has been unable 

to match. I photograph in film as much as I possibly

can, and although it may seem a bit risky when

working with children, my style of photography is 

about capturing authentic moments, so I haven't 

found it to be an issue.

The film is sent away to be processed and

scanned to digital files which then work in the same

way as any other digital image. You can absolutely 

email, upload, and store your images just like digital.


A book is a wonderful thing!

It is a great way to present your favourite photos which can be easily handled, left in convenient places and looked through during moments of reflection.  The complete package for your photo shoot includes a 20 page, 9 x 7" photo book with protective hard cover covered in linen fabric. Once you choose the photos you want for your book, I will lay the images out in a format which tells the story of your time together as a family. You also have the opportunity to make changes as you wish until it looks just right. When your book is ready you will receive copies of the images you have chosen in digital format for you to share and print as you like.

If a book isn't what you're after, you are welcome to pick and choose the photos you want to keep from your shoot and purchase them with A-La-Carte pricing as prints, digital files or both. Should you decide after the shoot that you would like to take the complete package option, that's OK too.


If you would like to make a time for your family photos anytime during 2013, just book with me by March 31st. A minimum deposit of $75 is required to secure your booking. We can do your shoot any day from Wednesday to Sunday, just let me know what suits. There is no extra charge for travel if your shoot is in and around Brisbane. 

Your photos will be ready to view after two weeks and I will make them available to you in a lovely online slideshow set to music which you are welcome to share as you wish. Once your book has finished the design process, there is a 7 - 14 day time frame for delivery. If you choose to go with the full package, the remaining amount, minus the deposit, is payable once the final layout has been approved and your book has been ordered. If prints are what you're after, payment is required at time of ordering. Your prints can usually be delivered within a week of being ordered.

You can get in contact with me at info@josierichardsonphotography.com.au,  0416 707 000, or jump over to the contact page. I look forward to hearing from you!

"Each time I look through this album, I find some other little detail that I love. Some are just by chance, others engineered by you. I love it! Thank you again. X"