Family Photos

31,536,000 Seconds

We all know that for every year there are 365 days. And for each day 24 hours and for each hour 60 minutes and for each minute 60 seconds.

Knowing this, it's sometimes hard to believe that the click of a shutter which creates a photo and captures our lives, takes only a split-second. Looking through these photos it amazes me to see how many split-seconds of happiness took place in the lives of those I photographed in 2014. How many split-second moments make up an entire day and how many split-second moments make up an entire year.

Every year seems to go so fast, it's easy to lose sight of how much has really taken place. And yet, so much does take place.

This lovely note I received from Sam and Leanne, who got married in a cloud, reminds me of how valuable a second can be.

"Words will never be enough to thank you for your amazing photos of our wonderful wedding day! We had the most wonderful day and I am so happy that we have your beautiful photos to remind us of that time for the rest of our lives! Thank you , thank you, thank you!"

Louise, Mike and Bump

I have known Louise since I was a teenager. We've mostly been connected by a couple of degrees of separation, boyfriends, flatmates, friends etc, but we've continually weaved throughout each others lives over these many years developing a friendship of our own. I guess that's the nature of being from a small town.

Louise is gentle, sweet, intelligent and laugh-out-loud funny. I'm confident that anyone who has her in their lives feels pretty blessed. In Mike she has found an equally kind and gentle man who has stood beside her during some difficult times. I'm beyond excited to be photographing their wedding next month at this same location. And to use a frequently overused word I'll say it's going to be AWESOME!

In the meantime here are some photos of a fellow bush kid and her soulmate just before she gave birth last year.

And here is their Bump.

Louise and Mike

This is a photo of Louise and Mike about a month before the birth of their first child. It is taken on the property where Louise grew up in Northern NSW. If you look closely you can see Mt Warning in the back ground. 

There is so much future memory here. One day their little girl will look back on this image and reflect on the time that was when it was taken. How different or similar the place where her grandparents live will look in comparison, how the mountain ranges in the background will not have changed, and how in love and content her parents are.

When I look at look at this photo, the green colours remind me of my own childhood, which started off not too far away on the other side of the ridge. Of a time before a driving license, the city and the internet. A time when things were simple.

I hope this photo will bring them back to this wonderful and exciting time in their lives too.